Back to school with... new glasses!

For parents

A new pencil case, a cool backpack, a hip lunch box and hard-inflated bicycle tires. Your child will soon be ready for school! But are the glasses still up-to-date? Have a professional eye test done!

With these four tips, your child will start the school year with happy eyes!

Sun protection

for parents

Thanks to the many awareness campaigns and information from both skin specialists and women's magazines, we now apply sunscreen to ourselves and our offspring. But although a burned toddler's back guarantees a huge parental guilt, the same toddler is safely transported on the bike without sunglasses. Squeezing against the bright sun rays, but with a protected nose.

Perfect sunnies

for kids

Did you know UV radiation is more harmful to children's eyes than to adults eyes? Your iris contains less pigment and your pupil is larger. Babies even have a transparent lens and this allows 90% of UVA and 50% of UVB rays to penetrate to the retina. The body's own protection develops over the years and only after the age of 25 are some of these rays absorbed by the retina! 

How to prevent (further) myopia

For parents

Myopia is the same as nearsightedness, you cannot see well into the distance and you need glasses with a minimum strength. The number of children with myopia has grown faster in recent years. An increase has already been visible since the 1950s, but since the 1990s the number of children with myopia has grown even faster. 

What is myopia?

For children

Myopia is the same as nearsightedness, you need glasses with a minus strength. Whether you develop myopia can be hereditary: you are more likely to develop myopia if it runs in your family. But your behavior can also mean that you need glasses more quickly. For example, it has been proven that if you look a lot up close, you are more likely to develop myopia. You can look closely for long periods of time when you read or look at your phone, computer screen or tablet.

Which glasses are right for you

For children

The most important thing when choosing new glasses is, of course, that they fit perfectly and that you like them. If your glasses look good on you, you feel confident and you’re happy to wear them.

All about eye colour

Did you know?

Will our bundle of joy have blue, green, gray, or brown eyes? When your parents were expecting you, they loved to speculate about the colour of your eyes. Will you have mommy’s dark eyes or daddy’s twinkly blue ones? This question is actually a lot harder to answer than was previously thought.

4 tips for healthy eyes

For parents

Kids are protected with bicycle helmets, sunscreen, knee pads, stair gates, and BPA-free drinking cups. Some people say that today’s parents are too protective, while others argue that we should employ all available knowledge and technology to protect our little ones as much as we possibly can. 

How to identify visual defects in children?

For parents

Changes in poor eyesight in children are not always immediately apparent. However, there are a number of signs that indicate that a child may have impaired sight.