About us

The people behind Milo & Me Kids Eyewear

Milo & Me glasses have been developed from a collaboration between three teams: a team of opticians from Germany, a team of marketers in the Netherlands, and a design team from Copenhagen. The opticians ensure the perfect fit for children and safe and ergonomic material, the designers make sure Milo & Me is always on trend and good looking. The marketers provide the trendy, cool look, logo and marketing material.

Did you know?

The Milo & Me rebels, the kids you see on all our marketing materials, are our own kids and their friends and family. Sometimes kids outgrow Milo & Me, sometimes new kids join the rebels. But it always is a happy, vibrant gang of kids who like to play outside and love to have fun together!

They inspire us every day to strive for all glasses-wearing children in the world to have glasses that are comfortable and can take a beating. So that they can exercise and play the way they want.

Check out our lookbook to meet all our Milo & Me rebels!

Check our lookbook
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